Aletha Israels

Artstar was founded with one vision in mind... To make the world a more beautiful place one room, wall and home at a time.

Artstar Interiors
I am grateful for the opportunity as a designer to help my clients identify their aesthetic language and craft their story to uncover the full potential of their home. As a culture we make very specific aesthetic demands of the objects and environments we choose to surround ourselves with. Every square inch needs to have purpose, to evoke beauty and above all be an authentic reflection of ourselves and the way we want to live. Through an artistic approach to design, juxtaposed with a foundation in high end, luxury design, I am redefining the design trends with a fresh, yet deeply grounded style.

Artstar Studios
As an artist I am fascinated with what seems to be a basic human need for ornamentation. Color and pattern have become a cultural demand and sign of our civilization. There is, and historically has been, an aesthetic undercurrent in society to adorn everyday objects and environments with decorative elements that do not contribute to the objects practical or symbolic function. Often, objects and images are intended to seduce their viewer based on purely aesthetic appeal. My paintings reconstruct color, pattern and forms from consumer products into kaleidoscopic environments. My paintings exploit the visual language that is used to decorate our homes and literally worn on our sleeves.