Aletha Noelle Israels
Super Charged Firebomb II 20x20Super Charged Firebomb 20x20I Fell in Love With The Glitter and The Lights 36x36 On A Clear Day 36x36All That Glitters 36x36supercharged thunderbomb 23x23supercharged thunderbomb detailwhooping crackers 23x23electric garden 1 15x15electric garden 2 15x15electric garden 3 15x15electric garden 4 15x15electric garden 5 15x15electric garden 6 15x15electric garden 8 15x15electric garden 9 15x15boomer ladycrackers 23x23 dynabomb 23x23dynabomb detailheadbomb crackers 23x23Soul Blossoms 24x24
Available Mixed Media
In this new body of work I am exploring the use of found, and repurposed objects. I have always had a fascination with objects that solely serve a decorative function. My previous paintings have explored this idea for some time. It seemed almost natural pairing and adding, both found and self-made, doilies to the surface of my already ornate painting. The forms of the doilies and the floral images compliment and mimic each as well add a sense of history and nostalgia while simultaneously creating a modern, contemporary surface. The final touch is a layer of resin which unifies the the entire image creating a slick, bright surface.
After many....many... many long days, weeks, and months I have finally finished a group of paintings that I am really proud of. Here are three new pieces from my "Pyrotechnics" series. These paintings are named and inspired by fireworks and nostalgia. These is an explosion of color in this series as well as an optical illusion of moment in the forms. I image these pieces could be sold separately or they are very dramatic all together or even a pair or in a trio.
These mixed media and acrylic paintings are a combination of vintage and made doilies as well as very fine glitter. Did you know that every firework was named and designed to explode into different abstract flowers? The titles of these pieces play with that idea, each one being named after a specific type of firework. The painted forms in these pieces give hints to specific floral forms with out trying to be exact representations. I love how the shapes and colors of the doilies are reminiscent of the abstraction of fireworks. The glitter becomes a literal translation of the idea.
The Mini Pyrotechnics is a grouping of 15x15 mixed media pieces. They are sample sized, for those who like the style and process but can't commit or invest in a larger piece. You get all the flavor but a much smaller price tag! They are all resined and framed in modern black float frames. "Electric Garden #1-9 are part of my Pyrotechnics Series.I love all the options small pieces allow for. You can create a large grouping for a dramatic, modern look. Or pair one or two in an existing group of photos and other small pieces for a more eclectic look. Each of these pieces have a selection of small doilies, ranging in color collections- rainbow, warms and cools. The doilies are arranged on either black, grey or brown neutral grounds. Just like fireworks exploding in the night sky!